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The sample survey is perhaps the most utilized measurement tool in philanthropy.  However, designing a proper survey is a complex and challenging task.  We design surveys to guarantee the most useful results for your reporting needs.   

Experience –  We draw from the wealth of our experience in measurement and quantitative analysis to help design and implement survey tools tailored to your evaluation needs. 

Worldwide Network – While we are staffed to perform surveys in
East Africa, our worldwide network of partners allows for us to
extend our offerings practically everywhere.  Like us, our partners
are small companies with highly trained staff.
Links below provide information on surveys in East African countries :
Cote D'Ivoire

Affordable and Low Cost – Surveys are big business in the world of philanthropic development.  The cost of a properly designed survey can often be quite high.  Our goal is to provide more for less.  Through low overhead and outsourcing to our network partners, we keep your cost low without sacrificing the excellence of the product you receive.
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