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1. Impact Measurement

SROI Reports of current or historic projects provide donors with valuable information to gauge the impact they are making in a concise, understandable fashion.  Learn more

Surveys are the most popular measurement tool in philanthropy.  However, many surveys are done incorrectly and yield insignificant or erroneous data.  We help design and implement surveys to ensure errors are minimized. Learn more

Impact monitoring captures intermediate outcomes and impacts  whereas  traditional monitoring focus on activities and outputs. 

2. Risk Assessment

Risk Reports of proposed projects take into account geographic facts, implementer information and your organization’s previous track record to provide data-driven probability of project success.  Learn more

3. Data Services

Databases are central to the ability to quantify results.  We help establish a database to capture future data, and we can work with organizations to extract data from historical projects. Learn more

4. Research

Randomized Control Trials are central in answering your research questions. For example, which intervention works best?  We help design and implement research that answers questions you have. Learn more