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HIV prevention educationImpact Assessment of HIV Prevention Education
Since its inception in 2003, The President’s Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has spent approximately 2 billion of the program’s 19 billion dollars on HIV prevention education.  This white paper outlines ongoing efforts to measure the efficacy of these HIV prevention educational programs using an innovative methodology called Item Response Theory (IRT).
Impact Assessment of HIV Prevention Education .pdf


social impact of interventionsSROI: Kuzuko Game Reserve, South Africa
This SROI report highlights the social impact of environmental, economic empowerment and public health interventions from a proposed $10 million project in South Africa’s Kuzuko Game Reserve.
SROI Report Kuzuko Game Reserve .pdf


Kenya conflict analysisConflict Analysis of the 2007 Post-election Violence in Kenya
This paper examines why widespread violence erupted in the wake of the reelection of Kenya’s president in 2007 through the use of a variety of conflict analysis tools.
Kenya 2007 Conflict Analysis


data for mortality of swineNeural Networks Predict Swine Mortality
This study is an example from the medical field in data-driven decision making.  The research was the first of its kind to use dynamic (from multiple time points) data to predict mortality of swine in hemorrhagic shock using neural network learning algorithms.
Mortality Prediction using Neural Networks .pdf


pain valication comparisonsPain Validation Comparisons
This study employed a randomized, crossover comparison to validate the use of electronic pain questionnaires with paper questionnaires for chronic pain assessment.
Randomized Crossover Validation of Pain Questionnaires .pdf


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