Qualitative Data in Measurement

Last week, Philanthropy Action hosted a conference call with David A. Roberts of New Dominion Philanthropy Metrics and Sean Stannard-Stockton of Tactical Philanthropy looking at the role of qualitative metrics in good philanthropic decision-making, and especially how non-profits and foundations could capture qualitative data in reliable and useful ways. 
Sean discussed how donors can and should use qualitative data when evaluating giving opportunities-and the influence of the Obama administration’s Office of Social Innovation on the debate over the use and value of qualitative and quantitative measures. David talked about pros and cons of qualitative information, the dangers of performing surveys the wrong way, and some tools that non-profits can use to measure even the most qualitative issues, like stigma or attitudes.
For those of you who did not make the call, the audio file can be found at: http://ndpmetrics.com/extras/Audio.html

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