AWATS Contest

Due to the overwhelming show of support for A Walk Across the Sun from today’s email, we will be limiting the free book give away to the first fifty.

Thanks for everyone’s support, and please keep voting!

A Walk Across the Sun: Finals

March Madness ends tonight with the men’s NCAA basketball finals. Harper Collin’s March Madness finals continue this week. Thanks to many of you, Addison’s book, ‘A Walk Across the Sun’ is in!

For those of you on my mailing list who vote this week, I will send you a free Kindle [...]

A Walk Across the Sun

Addison’s book is in the Final Four in Harper’s March Madness: ‘A Walk Across The Sun.’ He is the only living author on the list!

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a great book I highly recommend buying. It is on the tough topic of child sex trafficking, written in a beautifully redemptive [...]