Crowdsourcing vs Experts: Assessing Technological Approaches to Conflict Monitoring

By Mara J. Roberts

This piece was originally published on the Peacebuilder blog

Not too long ago, I met up with a friend of mine who used to be an analyst for the State Department. One of the hot topics of our dialogue included the subject of peacebuilding efforts in Africa. During the conversation, he [...]

Most Popular Philanthropy Metrics Stories of 2010

6. Our Philanthropy Metrics team traveled to Burundi in June between elections there to perform a country wide survey examining the secondary impact of a three year neglected tropical disease project.

5. In December, Transpanency International published it 2010 Global Corruption Barometer Report which indicated that ninety two percent of Kenyans [...]

Measuring Outcomes and Evaluating Programs

As mentioned in a previous posting, many non-profit organizations spend significant time outlining project goals, while devoting relatively few resources to the task of evaluating whether these goals are met. The lack of output data often leads to a crisis in writing the final report. Many organizations compensate by overemphasizing stories of transformation at the [...]