Most Popular Philanthropy Metrics Stories of 2010

6. Our Philanthropy Metrics team traveled to Burundi in June between elections there to perform a country wide survey examining the secondary impact of a three year neglected tropical disease project.

5. In December, Transpanency International published it 2010 Global Corruption Barometer Report which indicated that ninety two percent of Kenyans [...]

Photos from the field: Kenya Survey

Philanthropy Metrics is focused on creating a tool that measures the impact of HIV educational programs.  This is one focal area for us because of the lack of efficacious questionnaires out there.   Over the past year, we have performed several pilot studies where our field team has implemented several iterations of a questionnaire.  In [...]

Kenya Survey Finds Police Corruption

A recent survey in Kenya reported in Transparency International’s 2010 Global Corruption Barometer Report yesterday indicated that ninety two percent of Kenyans believe that the police force is the most corrupt institution in Kenya.  The index which has similar ratings from around the globe, put the police at 4.6 on a scale of one to [...]

9 Applications of mhealth from Day 1

9. PDA for providers. The idea is to get medical information in the hands of providers – anyone from a family care physician in the bush who needs to look at a pharmacopia, medical guidelines or academic literature on the PDA, to a Maternal Health specialist aiding in a birth.

8. Patient finanical account. With a [...]