5 Thoughts from Day 2

First, as I sit here in Day 2, let me say that the mHealth Summit could possibly be the best conference I’ve ever attended.  I am use the the academic setting, where you have people talk at you.  Here, every session, both large and small, is a panel conversation with diverse panelists and participant Q&A. 

The [...]

9 Applications of mhealth from Day 1

9. PDA for providers. The idea is to get medical information in the hands of providers – anyone from a family care physician in the bush who needs to look at a pharmacopia, medical guidelines or academic literature on the PDA, to a Maternal Health specialist aiding in a birth.

8. Patient finanical account. With a [...]

Live Blogging from the mHealth Summit

I am in Washington D.C. and will be blogging live from the mHealth Summit.  For those of you who do not know, the “m” in mHealth stands for mobile.  So the conference is looking at how mobile applications can impact and improve health care.  Surprisingly but gladly, there is a significant international component to the [...]