The Next Generation Conflict Monitoring System: People and Technology

By Mara J. Roberts

This piece was originally published on the Peacebuilder blog

Reports were trickling in from our friend and coworker living in Kenya that the situation was rapidly deteriorating. After what appeared to be a stolen presidential election on December 27, 2007, the resulting violence seemed to be drawn along tribal lines. The [...]

SMS Used to Monitor Burundi Election Violence

New Dominion Philanthropy Metrics implemented a pilot surveillance system to examine the ability of SMS texting to be utilized in monitor the election-related violence. Nine different districts were randomly selected throughout the country to gauge the number of violent acts reported due to the elections. Our hypothesis was that SMS texting would be an ideal surveillance tool because it is readily available even in remote areas of Burundi. If successful, this system could be replicated in other African nations. [...]

Burundi in Crisis: Election Violence and Democracy in Question

Today, only the incumbent, Nkurunziza, ran in the election, and initial reports suggest a low voter turn out due to a boycott by the opposition and fears of violence. These together with reports of ten grenade attacks around the country strongly suggests that democracy is in question and Burundi is in [...]