Most Popular Philanthropy Metrics Stories of 2010

6. Our Philanthropy Metrics team traveled to Burundi in June between elections there to perform a country wide survey examining the secondary impact of a three year neglected tropical disease project.

5. In December, Transpanency International published it 2010 Global Corruption Barometer Report which indicated that ninety two percent of Kenyans [...]

The Vision of mHealth

Note: The conference is being telecasted online, and questions can be sent in for the main sessions via twitter.


There were several key take always from the first session on the Impact and Future Vision of mHealth.   The first was that mobile applications in health [...]

Impatient Optimists and Impact Evaluation

By David A. Roberts

Tim Ogden proposes in the Stanford Social Innovation Review  that “impatient optimists” in philanthropy are dangerous and can do more harm that good.   Bill Gates is among them.  Ogden, instead, is a “patient optimist” and outlines how any significant impact and change takes time.

I can think of one type of international project that is ideally suited for [...]

The Right and Wrong Way to Survey

By David A. Roberts

The most critical challenge that philanthropy has faced over the last several years is proving with evidence, rather than inference, that financial gifts have made a significant impact. This has become even more critical during the present economic crisis as donors give more selectively. In one of the New York Times Magazine‘s [...]

Cost Benefit of Search and Rescue in Haiti

I cannot say with certainty how dollars should have been allocated in Haiti. But as a public health practitioner, and someone dedicated to outcomes measurement, I am concerned that SAR-focused relief efforts improperly subordinate the good of the many to the good of a very few. On balance, my training would suggest we begin erring on the side of the good of the many. [...]